About Me

Ghost Lily is the digital diary of my efforts to living a more ethical and sustainable life. This is where you’ll find personal recounts of my life as I discover a whole new world of eco-conscious living, starting with the vegetarian/vegan food excursions, cruelty-free beauty reviews, eco-friendly fashion updates and more.

I would also like to note my intention to put a more personal spin on this new blog, meaning you can also expect personal anecdotes, opinion pieces, random finds and such, in addition to the usual beauty reviews, informative posts and updates.

What I don’t intend to do on this blog is be preachy about my lifestyle, or condescending to others who don’t agree with my perspective. In return, I ask that you read my posts with an open mind!

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Who writes Ghost Lily?

Hello, I’m Leann, a 24 year old Australian-born Chinese currently working in the digital space. Working in the online space works well with my introversion (I’m an INFJ!) because I’m a pretty shy person – but I’m trying to hone my social skills, albeit slowly.

I’ve always loved writing down my thoughts and feelings because I find it therapeutic, which is why I’ve been jotting down bits and pieces of my life on various blogging platforms throughout the years. Ghost Lily is to become my diary of adulthood and everything in between.

As for my lifestyle, I’ve been buying cruelty-free beauty and household products since 2012 but only put my foot down and turned vegetarian/pescetarian in early June 2015. My aim is to educate myself about how I can live a more ethical and sustainable life, one baby step at a time.

I decided to transition into a cruelty-free life after learning of the horrors of animal testing for the sake of my make up and skincare products. Naturally, it only made sense that I stopped eating meat too.

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