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LUSH Oxford Street: London 2017

posted by leann August 27, 2017 0 comments
Lush Oxford Street

Having been a Lushie for years now, I knew I had to pay their flagship store a visit before I flew back to Sydney. With three levels of Lush goodness to peruse through, I waded through the crowds of tourists and locals alike to marvel at their artfully curated collection.

It wasn’t a planned visit because I’m such a London noob, but when I caught a whiff of that distinct LUSH smell I knew there had to be a store nearby. With the help of Google maps, I found my way to the biggest Lush store in the world and spent a good hour or two wandering around picking out soaps and putting things back trying to decide what to buy.

Some Chinese tourists in front of me bought £150 worth of Lush products… which is just mental! I guess I could have easily spent the same amount but my suitcase was already brimming with bits and bobs I’d collected over the 3 weeks away from home. I was told there’s a Facebook group online for Lushies in Sydney who do group orders every now and then which makes a lot of sense if you don’t want to pay an extortionate amount for shipping alone. So that’s one option!

ground floor lush oxford street

soap bar lush oxford street

soap lush oxford street

I must’ve spent at least half an hour standing by the Soap station sniffing everything in sight because I remember being approached by 3 different Lush employees before I settled on blocks of their exclusive Oxford Street and Green Gold soaps.

Fun fact: The Oxford Street soap was made to smell like the Oxford Street store and the scent is unique to that store because of the presence of a greater variety in ingredients that aren’t present in their standard product offering.

lush oxford street canvas bags

Don’t you just love a pre-checkout upsell? I certainly do when it’s at Lush. I ended up nabbing myself one of those Oxford Street exclusive canvas bags because… how else am I going to carry all the products I ended up buying!? It’s such a sturdy bag too, and a perfect size for my weekly shop  for fresh produce at the local organic markets.

I was chatting to one of the loveliest employees in the store about all things Australia, mostly Home & Away and Summer Bay when she’d surprised me with a complimentary bottle of The Comforter shower creams. The initiative is what Lush refers to as a random act of happiness and it definitely encouraged me to ‘pay it forward’ by doing something nice for a random stranger.

lush spa oxford street

The lower ground level is where all the LUSH Spa magic happens, and unfortunately I didn’t have time to try it out this trip so I’ve made a mental note for it for next time I’m in London.

new lush products oxford street

lush oxford street london upper level

lush oxford street london upper level main

lush lipsticks oxford street

I almost walked out with an orange/red shade of lipstick but decided against it because I very rarely wear lipstick. Sad, sad, sad! It’s okay, I’ve got enough lip colour to last me another year or two!

new products lush oxford street july 2017

These were blocks of lip colour with differing shades that allow you to mix up your own perfect shade. I was at odds with how practical these were because I can’t imagine carrying a melty block of lip colour in my bag, especially when the mercury hits the high 30s in the Summer! It’s a quirky idea though, giving consumers a way to create their own shades of red, pink and nude to suit their lippy needs.

lush bath oils oxford street

The upper level of Lush Oxford Street is where you will find all their exclusive products including the bath bombs, bath truffles (see above) and soaps. In the middle of the floor were 4-6 (I can’t remember now) sinks adjacent to each other where patrons could test out some of the products.

lush bath bomb action

exclusive products lush oxford street

This was the stand full of exclusives on the upper level of the Lush Oxford Street store full of beautiful creations that we in Australia are currently missing out on. I hope they start bringing out more products over here because I’m almost a quarter way through my 1000 Millihelens jelly mask and I’m not keen on getting their fresh face masks because they go off so quickly!

Maybe someday soon we’ll also get a Lush Spa down here! That would be the dream…

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