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banana bread and rainbow salad from earth to table in bondi junction

Ever since adopting pescetarianism (a meat-free diet, save for seafood), finding things to eat has become a slight struggle especially on those days when Chris craves a crispy bacon fix. Luckily, he’s pretty easy-going when it comes to trying new food which means we can both venture out happily to more plant-based cafés and restaurants.

Earth to table had been on my food radar for a while because raw, organic vegan food was a completely new concept to me, even before I became a pescetarian. I never quite understood the benefits of raw, wholefoods but now that I’m forgoing meat in my diet, I really needed to explore my options in the world of plant-based cooking.

I’d say Earth to table is a fairly hidden treasure amidst the mixture of fast food and wholefoods joints in Bondi Junction. Chris and I never realised it was there because it’s one of those “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” kind of shop fronts.

Though, it does help that they have the following motif with their green manifesto plastered brilliantly on the front window of their shop!

earth to table bondi junction

I think society would benefit greatly if everybody had at least a few of these initiatives in mind when making decisions in their day-to-day life. “Choose positive thoughts”, “stress less”, “embrace each day”… these are all things we often forget to do because we’re too busy focusing on the negativity in life. Me, guilty.

Anyhow, the photos in this post were taken on two separate visits to Earth to table in Bondi Junction from a while back now, so bear with me if I don’t get the names of the dishes right.

banana bread and rainbow salad from earth to table in bondi junction

To the left is their Banana Bread:

Sprouted buckwheat and almond bread served warm with cinnamon, coconut and almond butter spread, drizzled with coconut nectar

You even have the option to add a scoop of coconut flesh and cashew-based vanilla ice cream for about $3.50 AUD more.

We were pleasantly surprised at the ‘banana bread’ because the presentation is far from how it is served conventionally. Instead of two slices of sweet banana bread, it was a banana that’s sliced in half and showered with an abundance of superfoods.

To the right is the Rainbow Seaweed Slaw:

Kelp noodles, beetroot, carrot, broccoli and red cabbage immersed in a ginger-miso dressing

Again, we were intrigued at the presentation because we’ve never seen carrot and beetroot julienned like this. This was quite filling, but I ended up with a mild stomach ache in the afternoon – most likely because my body isn’t used to eating raw.

I would get it again, but only if I can share it with someone.

green goddess and golden latte from earth to table in bondi junction

The green goddess and my golden latte – a special they had that morning. The staff are pretty good with letting you know of their daily specials when ordering, but if they don’t, just check out the blackboards behind the service area and at the front counter!

swiss brown mushrooms from earth to table bondi junction

Swiss brown mushrooms:

Marinated swiss brown mushrooms served on a sunflower seed and almond bread with braised spinach and bernaise style sauce

This has to be my favourite thus far, even though I’ve only been twice! I do prefer my savoury eats to the sweet treats. The sunflower seed and almond bread was awesome – and I don’t even like bread!

swiss brown mushrooms from earth to table bondi junction

Here, have a closer look! The balsamic added another dimension to the dish too.


Here, we have the Give Me A High:

Espresso, raw cacao and almond mylk blended with ice to give you that natural high

Basically… an iced coffee but much yummier and better for you!

Mine was the Dandy Chai:

Dandelion brewed with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and clove mixed with steamed almond milk

The drizzle of honey-like syrup was oddly satisfying – you could taste the cashew butter and coconut nectar of sorts which made all the difference.

warm pear and cinnamon spiced porridge supercharged with coconut and chia seeds

Finally, this was one of Chris’ choices, a special they had on the day which I cannot for the life of me remember. I only remember that it was a porridge with poached pears, coconut chips/flakes, cinnamon, and other wholesome breakfast ingredients. He really like this!

I need to visit all the vegetarian restaurants in Sydney! My cravings for a nice juicy steak are slowly creeping back and me being the one who easily succumbs to temptation means I really need to find plant-based alternatives.

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