Our little breakfast adventure

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bread and circus sign

It was 6:44 AM, a minute before Chris’ alarm usually goes off each morning. I was going about my daily morning ritual, perusing my social media feeds, reading some Mashable and whatever else was new on my Feedly when Chris exclaimed this grand idea of grabbing breakfast somewhere before we start the work day.

Usually, it would take us at least 10-20 minutes (or a lot, lot longer) to decide on what we want but I knew what I wanted today. So we proceeded out of bed and made our way to Newtown!

I’ve been craving some Suzy Spoon’s big vegetarian breakfast since the last time we went for breakfast, so Suzy Spoon’s was where we headed. The past few times we went, we’d either:

  1. Rocked up on a Monday morning to find out they don’t open on Mondays; or
  2. Rocked up way too early on a Sunday morning to find out we’d have to wait a couple of hours before we could get our fix; or
  3. Only went for lunch.

So we pulled up to the kerb about 100 metres from Suzy Spoon’s and waited in the car until it hit 8AM when we could officially park our car there. When the clock struck 8, we threw some coins into the parking meter and made our way to the shop, only to be greeted with this disheartening sign… 🙁

suzy spoons storm damage sign

There was a lovely man standing outside who kindly clued us in on how bad the damage was inside. Apparently, their roof gave in where they made their products and only had power to half their store.

Hopefully they’re fully covered by insurance! When I checked their Facebook page for updates, I noticed many other fans were also feeling a little bummed out about the storm damage.

We set off again to find another place to grab some brekky, this time with no destination in mind, so we kind of just winged it. While we made our way out of Newtown and into Enmore, Chris spotted the cutest husky in the back of this car.

husky in a car in newtown

I couldn’t get a better picture of him/her because the windscreen glass was super duper marked. I wish I snapped one of it peering out at Chris as we drove a couple hundred metres behind them!

10 minutes later, we were negotiating a bend in the road when I spotted a little café called The Wolf and the Honeybee, so Chris pulled over and I looked up the menu quickly. Their menu online was completely different to the one we were given when we sat down. Then I noticed a sign on the counter saying they’d recently renovated, and I’m guessing they’d also revamped the menu too.

I was looking forward to the vegetarian mezze plate that was on their old menu, and there was a very limited selection of dishes that Chris wanted to eat so we asked the barista to make his coffee for takeaway so we could venture off elsewhere.

chris drinking his coffee while driving

“Look at me! I’m a racecar driver in my super low driver’s seat. And I can drive with one hand.”

At this point, I was hangry because I just wanted some Suzy Spoon’s and this place was annoyed me too because the lady who made Chris’ coffee wasn’t very friendly. So we just went with Chris’ original plan before we stopped, and went to… Yeah, you already know where. (Bread & Circus, for those who missed the featured image!). LOL.

bread and circus menu august 28th ginger rainwater kefir by the fermentary

My delightful ginger rainwater kefir by the fermentary, complete with mint and lime garnish that kept hitting my nose when I went to take a sip. Am I supposed to take it off? Can someone tell me?

It was refreshing and reminded me of the kombucha we’ve been buying from the Sydney Sustainable Markets in Taylor Square these past couple of Saturdays. I’m going to have to look up the benefits of using rainwater instead of normal water though.


An obviously poor attempt at taking an artistic photograph.

table at bread and circus

I love the décor at Bread & Circus! It gives a very genuine farm-to-table feel to the place that always makes me feel nostalgic for my mum and grandma’s home cooking. The staff have always been attentive without being invasive which is great for an introvert like me.

Oh, and Chris and I absolutely love their delicious soy chai lattes becayse the ginger in it makes for a warming Winter’s morning beverage. It’s only second to the one we tried at the Marrickville Organic Markets a couple of years ago. 😀

breakfast with gwyneth and toast with tomato and avocado with a side of ham breakfast with gwyneth and toast with tomato and avocado with a side of ham

Chris just got toast with avocado and tomato with a (really big) side of ham, while I got myself some Breakfast with Gwyneth, a simple quinoa dish tossed with finely chopped kale and some spinach and eggs on the side. This has become my favourite here! I do quite miss the chicken and brown rice congee, but I can’t bring myself to eat meat again.

I had a bowl of phở for lunch for the first time in 2 months at Pho Town the other day and I ended up feeling sick the whole afternoon. In part because I greedily ordered a large one, and then perhaps my body has acclimatised to my new, largely plant-based diet? I don’t know. Either way, I feel guilty as fuck for eating that bowl of phở 🙁

bread and circus sign

… and that was the little morning adventure we went on, in search of the perfect breakfast.

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