The BEST Vegan Noodle Soups in Sydney

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Restaurants and cafes in Sydney have, very recently, started adding more animal-friendly options for those who eat plant-based diets. While vegan dining is a bigger focus in and around Newtown, restaurants out in the Western Suburbs have also been more vocal about their vege offerings too.

Before I went vegetarian (and then later vegan), I ate beef pho religiously. Every Saturday after training, I would douse my hot, steaming bowl of beef broth with a tonne of lemon juice and then unmercifully scoff down the contents – right to the last drop.

Since then, finding authentic vegan noodle soup has been a bit of a challenge. Luckily for us millenials and gen-zs, all things vegan noodle related are just one click (or a couple clicks, really) away with the help of Google and social media.

I’ve decided to document my love of noodles here on the blog, and also so I can drool over the noodle porn at ungodly hours of the night when I’m hungry.

So if, like me, you enjoy devouring the bounciest of noodles with ladles upon ladles of broth then this post is for you.

  • World Vegan, Cabramatta
  • Eat Fuh, Marrickville
  • Ryo’s Noodles, Bondi Junction
  • Nourishing Quarter, Redfern
  • Shift Eatery, Surry Hills (Winter 2018)
  • Saigon Summer, Surry Hills
  • Tarafuku Ramen, Rhodes
  • BunMe, Rhodes
  • Din Tai Fung, World Square
  • Vina Vegan, Newtown
  • Gathered Kitchen, Glebe
  • Golden Lotus, Newtown
  • Mama’s Buoi, Surry Hills
  • Kindness Cafe, Darlinghurst

World Vegan, Cabramatta

Vegan pho at World Vegan Cabramatta

World Vegan in Cabramatta offer an extensive menu with authentic flavours. Their vegan pho features an array of soy curls both fried and broiled to perfection.

Eat Fuh, Marrickville

Vegan pho from Eat Fuh in Marrickville

Eat Fuh’s vegan pho is fresh and flavourful with an appropriate noodle to topping ratio (very important!). The fresh bean sprouts and basil leaves are pre-loaded, which is unusual at most traditional Vietnamese restaurants I’ve been to.

Nourishing Quarter, Redfern

delicious vegan pho from nourishing quarter

The first time I tried their Pho-Ever More Nourished Soup with Buckwheat & Purple Sweet Kumura Noodles, I was blown away at how authentic the flavours were. In fact, this was my first ever vegan pho I’d ever tried and I cried at how good it was. Although, the second time around their head chef was on leave and the presentation was definitely lack.

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