Vegan pho from Eat Fuh, Marrickville, Sydney

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Vegan pho from Eat Fuh in Marrickville

Noodle soup is (and forever will be) my favourite dish of all time, which is why I’ve taken it upon myself to find the best vegan pho around town. When I’m chowing down on a bowl of vegan pho, I want it to be aromatic, light, fresh & simply delicious!

My original Sunday plan was to drag my parents out to Strings in Newtown, the new Vietnamese noodle bar that also happens to do a banging vegan pho. But plans changed and it was just mum and I so we headed out to Marrickville instead because parking is a lot easier there than in Newtown.

Eat Fuh street sign

Vegan menu options at Eat Fuh include spring rolls, rice paper rolls, pho (duh!), and vermicelli noodle salad. Majority of the menu isn’t vegan though, so it’s easy to accommodate for both omnivores and herbivores! My mum had the combination beef pho with the tendons, tripe and other bits of cow that I didn’t photograph.

Mum also commented on the mid-range prices compared to her usual Vietnamese restaurant in Bankstown, so I told her it’s because of the location and how it’s probably more targeted at the demographics in Marrickville. But in my books, any restaurant with a good number of vegan options is worth spending a couple more dollars at.

vegam fuh noodle soup on the Eat Fuh menu

All condiments including sriracha, hoisin sauce, freshly chopped chilli and lemon wedges are self-serve and you’ll find them stationed next to each table on turquoise IKEA trolleys. This works perfectly for me because I like to enjoy my pho with lots of fresh lemon juice.

And yeah, I took my macro lens out for a spin for the first time ever so excuse the terrible close up shots!

Lemon wedges from Eat Fuh in Marrickville

The pho comes out pre-topped with beansprouts and aromatic basil, unlike your usual Vietnamese restaurant where these toppers are served separately for you to add. Here’s what was in it:

Vegan fuh noodle soup

Vegetable stock cooked with star anise, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, onions, served with thick rice noodles, tofu, seasonal mushroom and garnished with coriander, basil, shallot, sprouts, lemon, chilli, hoisin and chilli paste

Vegan Vietnamese noodle soup from Eat Fuh in Marrickville

This bowl of soupy goodness easily makes me top few vegan pho in Sydney, so if you’re a noodle soup junkie like me, it’s not to be missed!

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