World Vegan Restaurant, Cabramatta

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Vegan food at World Vegan Cabramatta

World Vegan is one of many vegan restaurants in Cabramatta offering great value for your hard earned with many options around the $10 mark. It’s about an hour’s drive from Sydney CBD, but well worth a day trip to eat some vegan food and check out Little Saigon!

I dragged mum out to Cabra (yes, we do shorten everything we can in Straya) for lunch one afternoon and we started with these delightful summer rolls.

Vegan prawn rice paper rolls, Sydney

Vegan Prawn rice paper rolls noodles at World Vegan, Cabramatta

Vegan prawn rice paper rolls, Sydney

The vegan prawns were a really nice touch because konjac gives the dish a realistic, meaty texture. The dipping sauce was so on point too! Mum and I absolutely loved it.

Combination Yellow Noodles With Sauce

combination stir fried noodles at World Vegan, Cabramatta

Mum’s dry combination yellow noodles was loaded with mock meats and was probably the better option given it was a hot Summer’s day. The crispy and chewiness of the yellow noodles soaked up the savoury sauce really well too.

combination stir fried noodles at World Vegan, Cabramatta

Vegan Beef Pho

Vegan Pho, noodle soup noodles at World Vegan, Cabramatta

The crispy fried bean curds were a nice touch while the soy ‘beef’ chunks gave this veganised version some likeness to the real deal.

Vegan pho at World Vegan Cabramatta

Vegan noodle soup at World Vegan Cabramatta

I wouldn’t say it’s the best bowl of vegan noodles I’ve had, but it was still fun going to lunch with Mum and checking out the all vegan grocery store – Just Green Vegan Organic Health Food Store.

World Vegan Restaurant is tiny and tucked away in a little corner on  Cabramatta Road West with plenty of parking nearby. The staff are super friendly and the owner has been vegan for almost 40 years so they know a thing or two about authentic Vietnamese vegan fare!

Overall, it was amazing and would love to call again for all their other noodle soups. The food was excellent, the waitress was polite and the generous portions had me covered for dinner too. What more could a vegan girl want?!

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