A little high school reunion

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Darling Harbour mariner

I’m a terrible friend because I tend to let my introversion get the best of my when it comes to seeing friends. That’s something I’m trying to change this year – one baby step at a time! Though, I really don’t know where to start.

I missed an event that Hilda had invited me to back in December and I felt terrible about it. So last month, I texted Hilda and asked her if she was keen on a little catch up and I guess I’m pretty lucky that she doesn’t already hate me for all the shit I’ve put her through (like contributing to the hypothermic episode at camp one year).

I got pretty sick of being sat at my desk early on in that day so I left work on time-ish, dawdling my way towards our meeting point. I stopped at Darling Harbour to stare at the ocean for a bit and give Chris a quick call. Here’s a snap I took shortly after I got off the phone with Chris.

Darling Harbour mariner

I love how seagulls teeter on one leg, balancing on the column by the sea like it’s nobody’s business. I had absolutely no idea they did it to keep their legs warm up until now (I just Googled it). It just seems like such an odd thing to do but ever so adorable in their own way 😀

On a footbridge near Darling Harbour

Not bad for traffic considering this was supposed to be peak hour (around 6 – 6:30PM) on a Wednesday.

BBQ City, Korean BBQ in Liverpool Street, Sydney

I can’t remember the last time I had Korean barbecue but it was so freaking good! The guy even cooked it all for us so Hilda, Sam and I just kind of chit chatted while we waited for the food to be ready.

Sam joined us because we’ve been talking on Skype in the past month or so and he was going back to Taiwan soon. For some reason, they brought up our Society & Culture classes, and I suddenly remembered the time I got in trouble for stroking James’ arm in class because I’d never seen someone so hairy before. Hahaha!

Hilda and I will be going back to Yulli’s for our next dinner date 😀 I’m looking forward to all the food adventures she takes me on this year… muahahaha!

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