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In true L.C. fashion, here is yet another end-of-December blog entry which will hopefully get me writing again in the coming year. I think 2016 wasn’t as good as it could have been because I stopped writing, something that has always helped me organise my thoughts.

So many things have happened this year that it’s all become one big blur for me. Overall, 2016 was bittersweet – perhaps more bitter than sweet but hopefully I’ll recover early in the new year from the experiences that made it this way.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt this year would have to be the ability to recognise that other people’s words and actions have very little to do with me. I still struggle with this but I would say I’m gradually getting better at stopping myself from worrying too much about others while trying to make my own path.

In the coming year I hope to be okay with accepting and asking for help from others when I know I desperately need it. I’m not sure why I’ve been so stubborn about this but my best guess is that I’d forgotten how it felt to be happy on my own that pushing people away has become my default reaction when faced with conflict.

Anyway, this year I made my own decision to ring in the new year at Lost Paradise Festival in Glenworth Valley with a group of pals who also happen to be colleagues! I’ve never been to a camping festival before, let alone with people I work with so it’ll make for an interesting experience. I should really be asleep right now with the 6AM wake up call but instead I’m letting my hair air dry.

2017 will be great because I have London/Paris to look forward to in July/August! This along with the many, many new things I will force myself to try as I wean myself from this comfort zone I’ve been living in for years.

I’m wishing everyone I love a happy new year and hoping you all stay safe. And may all your dreams and wishes come true – and if they don’t, then hopefully you are achieving those smaller goals towards making them come true!

Goodbye for now, see you next year!

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