Beach, Please?!

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south maroubra beach

Chris and I had agreed on going to the beach in the morning on the 4th before sending Laura M. off at Sydney Airport but when the morning came, Chris started having second thoughts about going because of the overcast weather outside.

I was super excited about going so when Chris said he didn’t think it was a good idea, I threw a little tanty (lol) and decided to put my swimmers on, sulk in bed (and take selfies) and wait for Chris to change his mind.

For the lack of a good photo, here’s the unfiltered/original photo of the one that did end up on Instagram. It’s so weird to take/see photos of my own body! But it’s also kind of cool to see what others see when they look at you.

I definitely need to get my ass back to the gym though, because I’m really missing that cathartic feeling when pumping some iron. I’m also really missing the definition of my muscles 🙁 I also felt so much healthier, and my mind a lot clearer. Eh.

laying in bed waiting to go to the beach

Anyway, it took a while for Chris to come around, but the warm sunlight emerged from between the clouds and then we were on our way to South Maroubra in no time.

We set up camp right next to the lifeguard stand close to the surf and only moments later we were told to move because one of their quad bikes needed to park next to the stand. So we compliantly picked up our towels and bags and set up camp again a couple metres to the left of where we were originally.

After a quick dip in the ocean, we returned to our little spot on the sand to yet another group who set up camp right next to us, marquees, beach chairs and all – this time they were little nippers.

They started playing really loud music and Chris prefers really quick visits to the beach (while I prefer to chill out for a bit) so we ended up leaving shortly after.

I guess it was just our luck, choosing all the spots where others want to set up shop too. Oh well, at least our visit didn’t feel too rushed because we had to hurry back to shower and get changed to take Laura to the airport at 1PM.

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