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red lips

I took so many selfies for the beauty blog today that I don’t know what to do with them all! So why not just throw them all on here to archive them instead of deleting them, never to be seen again?

Taking photos of your own face with a DSLR and a tripod feels so awkward, I can only imagine how bad it would be if I made videos. I’d probably be mind-blanking the entire time I’m trying to talk about something, anything! It just makes me think about how much planning goes into planning a good quality YouTube video, you know, none of that fluffy crap that some YouTubers are putting up these days.


It’s pretty hard not to start pulling faces when you’re trying to get a good photo to show your face make up and what better way to repurpose these stupid out takes than to make a collage out of them? I’m not sure why I make faces in the middle of taking these photos, but I think it might be because I can’t take myself seriously as a beauty blogger.

I wish I could get the perfect selfie right off the bat every single time, but I’ll leave that to Kim Kardashian (LOL). I’m probably the least *glamourous* person I know, so I think I get a little frustrated when I try to be which ends up with shots like these.

selfie out takes

Here’s another one that I liked and used on the other blog, in all my greasy hair glory. I want to try avoiding shampoo for a while to see if that makes my hair a bit healthier, but the first step is probably to chop it all off. What kind of hair cut would suit me though? All I know is I need to lop off at least 20 odd centimetres off the current length, which is daunting because I haven’t had shorter hair in years!


long hair

Okay, I think I’ve flooded this post with enough photos of myself now.

Signing out!

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