FebFast Day 2 Snapshots

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sydney fish markets

I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the whole ‘a-post-a-day’ thing. I couldn’t even make it for two days in a row! Yeah, this post is a backtracked post with the photos I snapped on the 2nd day of this month.

For completeness’  sake, I’m going to publish as many as I can (it’s actually Valentine’s Day now, 14th for those who don’t know when Valentine’s Day  is). I can’t guarantee the accuracy of my recounts of these days – yep, it’s time for a RAM upgrade.

Let’s start with… My lunch.

haloumi salad from the messenger

This was a haloumi salad that I bought from The Messenger in Pyrmont, a quaint salad bar that’s nestled in the little shopping strip just past The Star. It’s probably the furthest we’ve walked to grab some grub at lunchtime besides going to Barangaroo but it’s almost always worth it.

A mental note: Go when it’s not prime lunch hour (whatever that is) because things get a little hectic then and nobody likes waiting too long for their lunch – we all get a little hangry sometimes (read: always).

My walk.

As I strolled through the empty car park of the Sydney Fish Markets, marvelling at the cloudless sky, I stopped in my tracks to pull out my iPhone in order to take in the scene.

I’d never seen the fish markets that quiet, that serene. Of course it was after hours for all the seafood merchants, restaurants and delicatessens but there were still some workers cleaning, closing up shop for the day. This day, I promised myself that I would take my family here again to enjoy some freshly caught seafood!

anzac bridge from sydney fish markets

This was a shot of Anzac Bridge taken from where I was standing when I took the previous picture. OK, so I lied about the cloudless sky. Nah, I just didn’t realise there were clouds until now. If there was a time that I wholeheartedly agree with the saying ‘ignorance is bliss’, this is probably it. Ignore the existence of those damned clouds and pretend every little detail was perfect!

The park.

wentworth park, sydney

I can’t remember if it was a last minute decision any more but this was taken when I was walking to get picked up by Chris just outside Glenmore Meats near the Wentworth Park function centre. I didn’t know whether or not I was going back to Chris’ or going home.

I’ve spent many an hour at Wentworth Park, frantically trying to complete the exams that would change which subjects I got to take each subsequent semester.

This area isn’t new to me at all. I went to school in the area, used to work just a couple hundred metres towards the Glebe Light Rail stop, and then all those exams I sat at Wentworth Park – it’s a wonder why I haven’t ever sat down in this park itself and read a book or something nice like that.

The random selfie.


I’m not sure why this photo was filed under ‘February 2’ in Google Photos because I’m pretty sure I didn’t go home that day and I’m clearly laying in my own bed in this photo. But here it is anyway!

Yes, that’s a VEGAN VIBES shirt that I picked up from The Cruelty Free Festival late last year! I absolutely love it 🙂 It’s super comfortable and is of amazing quality.

No, I am not a vegan but I do aspire to be. Why, oh why is it so hard 🙁 I’m really going to have to pick up my game and do this whole meatless thing again properly first.

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