FebFast Day 5 Snaps

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reading a book at dkstation in pyrmont

After a fellow introvert on Twitter recommended the book Quiet by Susan Cain about a year ago, I finally bought it off Book Depository late last month. I absolutely love how books like these speak straight to my heart, about the struggles of being an introvert in a loud and messy extroverted world.

But that’s another post for another time.

bowl of pho from dkstation in pyrmont

OMG, Leann there’s meat in your lunch!

Yeah. I know. I cheated today and bought myself a delicious bowl of pho for lunch. I usually get the Lemongrass Tofu Vermicelli Salad from DKStation in Pyrmont but I felt like chowing down on a bowl of pho – so I did.

Lately, I’ve been getting a bit lazy with my pescetarian diet. While I still eat a largely plant-based diet, I am guilty of having the odd cheese burger every now and then. I think it would make a world of difference for the environment if people were more open to changing up their meals to include more greens.

A colleague who has also been trying to eat a pescetarian diet recently shared an article that gave me a different perspective to eating vegetarian. It was titled Five things would happen if everyone stopped eating meat and one of the points brought up was that the world’s hungry would no longer be hungry.

Why? Because, this:

Vegetarians and vegans aren’t gobbling up all the grains and soybeans – cattle are. A staggering 97 per cent of the world’s soya crop is fed to livestock.

There are people dying of hunger on this Earth and people are throwing tonnes and tonnes of food into factory farms so that people can enjoy a nice steak whenever the fuck they feel like it. The thought of this alone made me feel terrible about being such a bad pescetarian.

It was an eye-opening article though. I recommend checking it out!

guy walking his happy dog down harris street

I left work a bit later than usual so I told Chris not to worry about picking me up from the usual spot because traffic gets really crappy if you miss the ‘best’ times. So we ended up agreeing on meeting behind the UTS Building instead.

I took the photo above as I was walking down Harris Street towards Central because I was charmed by the interaction between this man and his beautiful pup. Presumably overjoyed at the fact that she (not sure of gender but I’m going with ‘she’) was out and about, among the hustle and bustle of people rushing home or to happy hour on a Friday afternoon, the dog would run ahead of her owner, almost dragging him along.

Every so often, she would pause, turn around, and cock her head at the man as if checking if he was still following. She did this for a couple hundred metres until they turned onto the street leading to UTS Library where we parted ways.

I don’t know, there was something so special about that connection that I knew I’d regret if I didn’t at least try and document it.

another selfie

Vanity. Here’s a selfie I took when I finally got home after walking through the stinking heat, headphones on and all. I was surprised I wasn’t drenched in sweat because I was wearing a long sleeve blouse that day too.

This was also the day we cracked our FebFast and had a beer each up at the local pub 🙁 It’s okay, we just have to discipline ourselves more.

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