Hello, birthday month!

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me at bradleys head lookout

I was sitting at my desk scrawling out some notes in my notebook this morning when my colleague gave me a gentle pinch & punch for the first day of the month.

We had a little giggle about how this little custom was so much fun during our school years and how we rarely do it anymore as adults.

Today’s the first day of February 2016. This is the month I turn 25 and still have very little idea how my next 5 years will pan out. But I ain’t even mad. I guess I quite enjoy taking life as it is? Even though I know there are things that I must achieve sooner rather than later.

I can’t believe how much I wanted to be a ‘grown up’ as an 8 or 9 year old because it’s actually quite boring (and expensive)! But that’s just a whole other post in itself… right now I’m just going to ramble.

Speaking of rambling, I aim to write one blog post a day for the next 29 days – most of which will just be me babbling about my life. Which was really the main reason I started this blog anyway, I just couldn’t bear not writing about beauty products I like.

Speaking of which, I have another project in the pipeline that I’m extremely excited about! But I won’t divulge any information yet in case I don’t even get to the prototype phase. Though, I really hope to get to that phase by day 29!

In other news, Chris and I are already thoroughly enjoying participating in febfast and we’re excited to see how our bodies react to removing alcohol from our routine! I currently weight 45.9 kilograms, mostly due to muscle loss from not being in the gym. I want my back muscles back, so I better get my skinny-fat ass back into the gym before my body gets even more used to, if it hasn’t already, not exercising.

I am also going to move home properly this month in order to give myself more space to ponder about life’s great mysteries as well as do more of the things I love. That’s not to say that I didn’t get to do all that when I’m with Chris, but I figured I need a lot more time and personal space to really delve into the deeper issues of life.

End note: The featured image for this post was taken yesterday when we went on a little excursion to Bradley’s Head, north of the (Sydney Harbour) bridge.


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