My year in retrospect

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leann at maroubra beach

Aww yeah. Another year down! I can’t believe it’s 2016 because, quite honestly, I don’t feel like I achieved very much this year.

It’s okay, baby steps! It’s all those little things that I can change about my life that will make a greater impact in the new year and the years to come, right? Right.

heart cloud formation in town hall, sydney

I’m not going to put things in chronological order because, let’s face it, no1curr. OK, I know I will care later but I want to quickly bash this post out so I can go spend my new year’s eve doing other stuff too.

Actually, I’m going to just separate them into ‘highlights’ and ‘lowlights’. So here it goes.


  • Leaving my monotonous, uninspiring and stagnant corporate role for a much more colourful, dynamic, and progressive position in an online marketing agency.
  • Tossing out many, many items that I’d accumulated over the years that no longer have a place in my life. Goodbye clutter!
  • Went paddleboarding for the first time (very recently, actually) and becoming absolutely obsessed with it. If I lived closer to the sea, I would definitely splash out for my own paddleboard! But right now, I’ll stick with hiring them 🙂
  • Making the 3 year mark(?) with Chris! We’re pretty easy when it comes to ‘celebrating anniversaries’ because I couldn’t care less if he buys me flowers and showers me with gifts, as long as he buys me food!
  • Oh! And last but not least, I decided to stop eating meat in June and even though I’m not the best pescetarian (yes, I still eat seafood) out there, I feel better knowing that (majority of) my meals don’t involve the suffering of an animal.

There must be a million other things that I could place on this list but right now, that’ll have to do.

joanne and i in the photobooth at a family wedding


  • I’m not sure where to put this one but we commemorated the death of grandma since she passed away a year ago – which always hurts when I think about it – I really miss her and still wish I spent more time with her before she left this earth
  • I also forfeited a couple of friendships because of our differences which really sucks but hey, all it means is that it’s time to make new ones! 🙂
  • Laura M. left the country forever!!! That nutter will always have a place in my heart even though our time together was quite short. We had some really good times, and some not so good times. It’s just life.

OK. I must admit, thinking of lowlights is a lot harder to put down was a lot harder than I thought. Perhaps I’ve become more resilient? Or maybe I’ve just become numb to a lot of things that upset me. Either way, I’m going to take it as a blessing – the fact that I can’t think of many lowlights 🙂

wet, mouldy garage in our old apartment block

Plans for 2016

This coming year is when I take action on all the plans I’ve made for both myself and Chris in the past few years. I want to write more, read more, learn more and ease myself out of this comfort zone by putting myself out there more often. I will peel myself away from the computer/smartphone to do more things outdoors. I will start saving my money to achieve my dream of affording my parents all the things they want in this life.

I will become a better daughter, sister, girlfriend and overall human being in 2016 and beyond. I will learn to control my emotions, to practice more self-awareness and to see more positivity in a world that’s teeming with negativity.

I plan to live a life full of kindness, not just to my fellow humans but also to our furry counterparts. JC seems pretty keen on the idea of volunteering together, so perhaps we can find somewhere we both want to volunteer for. It’s always nice to have company when you’re doing something new 🙂

Anyhow, wishing all a safe new year’s eve and a prosperous, happy new year!

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