Stand Up Paddleboarding at Balmoral Beach

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me paddleboarding at balmoral beach

Chris and I decided to go stand up paddleboarding up at Balmoral Beach one day during the Christmas/New Year break from work and I just wish we could go every weekend.

The weather has been a bit rubbish lately, especially on the weekends and now that I’m back at work, it’s even harder to find time to hit the beach.

So we went paddleboarding on the 30th last month. According to Google Photos, we went to the beach the day before that as well as on new year’s eve! One day, I will be making enough money to buy everybody waterfront properties so we can all enjoy the calming sound of the crashing waves day in, day out 😀

But for now, I don’t really mind going on a little adventure to make my way to a beach! Though, Chris does drive most of the time… I’m not a confident driver so my preferences lean towards taking public transport.

Anyway, I’m afraid Chris has the rest of the photos which were all of me across the water anyway. The following photos are of the food we ate at Ruby’s Corner in Mosman:

salt and pepper calamari with namji sauce and fresh lemon from ruby's corner

My salt & pepper calamari with namjim + fresh lemon was nice, but I wasn’t quite expecting such a thick namjim sauce. My favourite namjim sauce that one of Chris’ mate and his wife make, presumably more traditional, is not half as sweet as this one nor did it taste so much like store-bought sweet chilli sauce.

The lemon made a world of difference. In hindsight, perhaps I should have just squeezed the lemon wedges into the pot of namjim so it was less like Heinz sweet chilli sauce!

me with my detoxify juice from ruby's corner, mosman

This detoxify juice was made with orange, lime, celery and pineapple juices and it was deelish! Complete the hipster look with some nice Le Specs sunnies with the mason jar of cold pressed juice in hand and voila! LOL. JK.

ham and cheese sandwich from ruby's corner mosman

Chris’ sandwich of ham, cheese.. and I spy a piece of tomato in there too! I’m not sure what his obsession with sandwiches is about but this is his usual combination of choice (minus the tomato). I can’t remember what he said about this toastie so… meh!

chris and milkshake at ruby's corner in mosman

This guy, I swear. The sight of all that cream and the fact that the whole of that chocolate milkshake was 99.99% dairy just makes me feel ill. Whatever floats his boat though, I guess! And check out that cheesey grin.. hahaha we’re both equally as bad as each other when it comes to taking photos. We’ll have to work on that this year 🙂

February! I must go stand up paddleboarding again in February before the colder seasons kick in.. though I suspect it won’t be a while before the weather gets chilly because… global warming! 🙁

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