The extroverted cat of Waverley LPO

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post office cat

More often than not, wandering felines in public places don’t fare very well with the extra attention curious passersby bring while going about their errands. Most of the time you’ll find these kitties springing to their feet at the first sign of potential human interaction so I was pleasantly surprised when this little cutie did the exact opposite when I called for him/her.

The photos in this post were taken on two separate occasions when we went to pick up Chris’ mail from his PO box. We’ve seen this little sucker a couple of times now and I’m inclined to believe he/she is the resident kitty (aka overlord) of this particular PO Box location.

sleepy ginger cat at the post office

My very first pet (I guess he was more my sister’s) looked really similar to this one and they pretty much had the same temperament with strangers – curious to see what the deal is with personal-space invading human, yet courageous in the sense that they trust humans enough to approach them for pats and scratches.

I wish I had a gift for animal-whispering so I could understand what this cat was thinking/had to say! Has he/she had a hard life? Did he/she enjoy basking in the warmth of the sun or did it prefer the rain? What goals and ambitions did it have for the near future? What is your name, dammit?! Heh.

cute ginger cat at the post office

“Girl, what chu lookin at? Gonna give me a good scratch or what?”

The second time we encountered this little, whiskered cranky pants, it was napping contently between a silver SUV and the fence you can see in the next photo.

ginger post office cat walking towards my camera

Refusing to miss a chance to play with this little guy again, I got out of the car and meowed inquisitively in its direction until he (let’s just use this pronoun, shall we?) got up sleepily and slouched his way towards me.

Wide-eyed with curiosity, he ventured out from the shadows only to be met with a blanket of bright, warm sunlight to the face, causing him to squint a while until his eyes adjusted to the brightness.

ginger cat demanding more back scratches

He knew I was there to provide pats and scratches, so he turned his body away from me as if asking payment for the short time I got to play with him. At that point, all I wanted to do was hug and smother him. But I imagined it in my mind and thought how annoying it would be if someone did that to me, and then how I would want to scratch their face out if I were a cat.

curious kitty

“Bitch, y u stop scratching doe?”

me playing with the cat at the post office

Chris snapped this photo of the little fluffy slug and I while I pondered what was going through the kitty’s mind.

I do wonder what goes through their mind when strangers approach them, particularly those who seem nonchalant about it. Can they sense whether a human is friend or foe? What if I was a psycho animal abuser or kidnapper? Are they always this friendly with everybody that frequents that post office parking lot?

Are cats mostly introverted? I feel like a cat sometimes; loathe of excess noise, unwillingness to interact with others, contentment of being alone, and perhaps the occasional enjoyment of being in the presence of others?

I’ve yet to find my spirit animal, but right now… I’ll just claim it to be a cat.

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claudia May 4, 2016 at 3:34 pm

Hi, that is my cat!!
His name is Reginald
We live adjacent to the car park with another ginger called Millicent.
He’s a cheeky bugger who likes to pretend to be homeless, I often wonder how far he wanders.
Thanks for immortalizing him in print, I’ll go home now & tell him he is famous!
Can I share this?

leann May 15, 2016 at 8:03 pm

Hey Claudia! Hahaha that’s awesome! I always used to look for him when we went to pick up the mail.. I was surprised he was curious enough to let me give him some head pats and scratches.
I bet that homeless act gets him a lot of in-between-meal treats and plenty attention when he’s not at home, very cheeky!
Feel free to share! 🙂


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