Watching a movie alone

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I’m hoping to make 2017 a year of many firsts because I feel like I’ve been way too comfortable in my little bubble these past couple of years. Settling down and being content is not what I want right now, not in my 20s, maybe never.

So as the first week of the year drew to a close, I thought I’d ease myself into this challenge by going to the cinemas alone to watch Passengers. The drive to Eastgardens was nothing short of stressful, I was sweating bullets all the way up until I parked safely.

Driving there was a bit of an ordeal with the 30 degree heat on top of the anxiety I’ve always felt when driving in unfamiliar territory. I’m quite proud of myself for having made it that far, the furthest I’d ever driven alone was out to Marrickville markets which is only 15-20 minutes away from my house.

When I turned into the car park from Wentworth Avenue, I noticed there were many ‘optimal’ parking spots. It was only after I had reversed into one of these ultra convenient car spots when I noticed the round signs on each pillar read ‘Staff Parking’. So I huffed my way out of my car spot right outside the glass doors to the shops and went to find one for the lay (aka normal shoppers/movie-goers).

Conveniently, my car was parked right outside the food court so I quickly bought myself a Mediterranean vegetarian wrap from Le Wrap so I could go onto buying my movie ticket online.

le wrap's mediterranean vegetable wrap

100% would not recommend having something so heavy right before sitting through a 2 hour movie, awful scenes. I felt horrible after the movie and didn’t get to eat dinner either because I was still so full.

Watching a movie alone at Westfield Eastgardens with reclining seats at Hoyts

I love the reclining seats at Eastgardens! It would’ve been worth the drive had I watched Allied instead of Passengers today. I was also sat with some of the loudest popcorn munchers and chip packet rustlers ever! But oh well, at least I can say I’ve watched a movie on my own, and I would do it again once some good movies come out.

As for the movie itself, I think they spent way too much time developing the story between the two leads and not enough time developing a plot. For those wondering whether it’s worth watching at the cinemas, I’d recommend just waiting until it comes out on DVD or something. The only redeeming factor of the movie was the special effects used in setting the scene in space – the starry sky looked so realistic, it was somewhat breathtaking.

Image by Keegan Evans via Pexels.com

Next weekend, weather permitting, I plan to catch the ferry to Manly and check out Shelly Beach on my own. I remember going there with my family as a child but don’t think I’ve been back there since then…

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