Where did 2017 go?

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dreamcatcher stall at newtown festival 2017

Holy moly, how did 2017 fly by so quickly?

Ah yeah, I wasted most of it fearing change, constantly finding myself taking a step forward towards my goals and ambitions only to stumble a couple steps back.

Still though, there are many things that I wouldn’t change even if I had a time-turner. Besides, I am not a wizard and time travel hasn’t been discovered yet so I’ll just muggle my way through as I have over the past 20 odd years… it’s not too bad, actually.

I’ve been so slack with the blog this year and I feel a mixture of guilt and regret at the lack of posts. I’ve really let go of my writing this year, so much so that my last entry in the personal journal was dated on December of 2016!

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Anyway, enough of the self-blame because there’s no turning back time.

Things I’m looking forward to

  • Tasmania trip with my parents
  • Bullet journalling in the new year
  • Learning more about photography & how to use my cameras
  • Getting fit and healthy again, both mentally and physically
  • Reading more books

I’ve been trying to keep myself busy these past couple of months by making plans for my time outside of work. Sometimes those plans fall through, usually after a night out, but I’ve been getting better at disciplining myself to get out of the house.

With the Christmas & New Year break nearing (yikes!), these past few weeks have been focused on how to best use that time off.

I’ve been pretty excited about my creative projects too since I got my new Canon G7X II. It’s such a compact camera (no pun intended) that I have no excuse when it comes to everyday photography.

Bullet journalling is something I stumbled upon on Instagram which led to countless hours of watching other people’s spreads on YouTube. I’m looking to simplify the process of organising the details of my life and bullet journalling will allow me the flexibility in creativity between minimalism and extravagance.

My trip to Tasmania should be also interesting, seeing as I’ve never travelled with my parents as an adult. Not to mention the tour being in Chinese Mandarin because mum found the travel agency through one of those pull-out magazines you get from Chinese newspapers. See, this is one of those times where I wish I’d planned far, far ahead!

Well, I’ll be trying to make more of an effort to blog again so watch this space!

But until next time, I hope you’re feeling as rosy as I am (right now).

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