20th Biennale 2016, Cockatoo Island

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sydney opera house

Today, I did something I hadn’t done for what feels like years; sail across Sydney Harbour on an antiquated ferry towards a place I’ve never explored. While the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge aren’t an unfamiliar sight, it was felt liberating to glide through the sea, with a light breeze on my face while catching up with an old friend.

I have Leah to thank for extending the invitation to me, especially during this seemingly cheerless time in my life feeling lost with myself. But that’s another entry to be written at another time, because I want to share these beautiful photos of mine that came out better than I expected.

sydney opera house

Leah and I were sat on the perimeter of the ferry on the way to Cockatoo Island. I was a bit sheepish about snapping this one because it’s nothing new to either of us, so I was a little self-conscious of looking like a tourist but with a gentle nudge from Leah I realised I needn’t be embarrassed about wanting to capture something as monumental to this city as the Sydney Opera House.

sydney harbour bridge

As our ferry navigated its way past Milson’s Point, I found myself staring up in awe at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I never thought twice about this bridge even though I’ve travelled across it about a million times, that is until today. Peering through the little viewfinder to capture this and then looking up at the real thing, I felt so wonderfully small beneath it, it was humbling.

I think we learn to appreciate things in a different light depending on what goes through the mind at the time, just as the kids on the ferry were busy marvelling at the enormous clown face as we passed Lunar Park, I was busying myself soaking up the view of the sky and the silhouette of the bridge.

sydney harbourentrance to cockatoo islandindustrial machinery on cockatoo island

I have a thing for old, industrial buildings that no longer serve its original purpose – just take a look at the size of whatever that is. If objects could speak, this one would probably have thousands of stories to tell about how it travelled half way across the world from Glasgow and ending here in Sydney. Not to mention all the conversations it’s overheard over the years, of raising a family on the island to life during World War II! If only they could speak…

video screening on cloudy tapestry at biennale 2016hanging art installation for biennale 2016 hanging art installation for biennale 2016statues from biennale 2016 tunnel on cockatoo islandabandoned industrial buildings on cockatoo islandswimming spot on cockatoo islandabandoned building on cockatoo islandold chair in weathered building on cockatoo islandpumpkins on cockatoo island

I’ll have to go back again some time soon, if not to venture off the paths laid out for the 20th Biennale of Sydney then to simply lay out a small picnic on the lawns by the sea and tuck into a good book.

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Leah April 3, 2016 at 9:48 pm

These look great! Looking forward to our next adventure 🙂


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