Wandering about Adelaide Botanic Gardens

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Flowers at Adelaide Botanic Garden

Being alone in a new city brings different experiences to similar attractions and I know this because Adelaide Botanic Gardens was nothing like walking about  Sydney’s or even Melbourne’s equivalents. It may be the fact that I am truly alone in Adelaide, here on a “working holiday” spending most of my days in the blue glow of my computer screen.

But discovering the beauty and diversity of plants from across Australia and around the world in Adelaide Botanic Gardens was a whole different experience. Even though the decision to walk through it was a bit of an after thought.

That made the place sound unworthy but that’s not it at all because, for a tech nerd addict, I genuinely loved getting lost among the greenery and wildlife. I won’t say how many times I walked past the Amazon Waterlily Pavilion because I wanted to avoid Google Maps because it’s embarrassing.

I don’t spend enough time away from the comforts of the internet, and I think that’s a huge reason why this visit was so different to the others.

Garden tunnel at Adelaide Botanic Garden

Walking through this garden tunnel made me feel like Alice in Wonderland. I didn’t have a clue where it led, all I knew was that there was faint music at the end of the path. I did convince a family to let me take this photo before they started their photoshoot. It was so nice and peaceful here!

Water duck at Adelaide Botanic Garden

Angry, papa duck giving the side eye because mama and baby ducks were playing on this little wooden bridge. I still managed to snap this before he flew after some fellow garden-goers so I think I won this round.

If this duck had a Facebook profile, I would’ve made him change his profile photo to this.

Rosellas snacking at Adelaide Botanic Garden

These cutie pies flew in to feast on the nectar of LIFE. Also, to pose in front of the many cameras that gathered around as they put on this little show. How can you not like these dudes though? They look so cheeky, you just know they’d give a lot of lip if they spoke human.

Cactus at Adelaide Botanic Garden

It was unfortunate that the Cactus & Succulents Garden pavilion was closed for regeneration but that didn’t stop these cuties from putting on a show outside. I imagined falling right into these and getting my butt spiked – but I didn’t.

Amazon Lily Pavilion at Adelaide Botanic Garden

This was in the Amazon Water Lily Pavilion and the flowers only open up at dusk. That’s when the real party starts and insects will come out and have a bit of a orgy party. It was really still in there, but has proven to be a sight to see judging from the other tourists that started flooding in after I’d entered. The lily pads themselves were pretty solid with more veins showing than a dude on ‘roids after a 3 hour session at the gym. Wow!

Simpson Shadehouse at Adelaide Botanic Garden

It definitely beats the botanical gardens here in Sydney, and it felt a lot more interactive too so kids would absolutely love this place.

It’s a place to have your wedding photos taken too – I saw 3 couples doing their shoot and 2 couples actually getting married here on the day I went. I think they also do tours but it was late and I missed out.

If you’re looking for somewhere to wander about for 2 hours alone around North Terrace, I highly recommend the Adelaide Botanic Gardens for sure!

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