Day 1: Sydney to Adelaide, 2018

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Onboard Qantas flight from Sydney to Adelaide

Having visited Queensland and Western Australia for the first time this year, I really wanted to see even more of Australia. Come to think of it, Adelaide was actually a very last minute decision.

It hasn’t been a walk in the park, this transition from working in an office amongst your peers to working for yourself in whatever office you wish. I’m just lucky I’ve got a bit of savings stashed away, otherwise this Adelaide trip simply would not have happened!

It’s crazy how only 12 hours ago I was only just waiting for the direct train from Kingsgrove to the Domestic Airport station. I’m now typing away at this post, in what will be my new bed for the next three weeks.

The train ride from Kingsgrove to Sydney Domestic Airport was painless, save for the 15 minute wait. Had I been a couple of minutes earlier, I wouldn’t have had to stand on the platform watching two women discipline their son. Poor me!

When I finally arrived at Sydney Domestic Airport, I made my way to the Qantas check in area where I completely disregarded the baggage check-in instructions because I’m so smart (or so I thought).

Sydney Domestic Airport Qantas Check-in Kiosks

I wheeled my way to the conveyor belts, threw my check-in piece on and scanned my boarding pass on the Qantas app.

Error. We had trouble reading your baggage tag.

I thought, “uh, okay. There’s no baggage tag though?”

Stubborn as I am, I scanned my boarding pass again from my mobile.

Same result.

So I hauled all 11.4kg of my little wheelie thing off the conveyor belt and lugged it to the check in kiosks to ask the Qantas lady for some assistance.

After trying two different kiosks, both of which were not as touch sensitive as Qantas had hoped. We both gave up and she manually put my information through and I was finally off back to the conveyor belt again.

I had more trouble again at the conveyor belt, but another Qantas lady helped me process my luggage and 15 minutes later I was finally on my way.

Off to a great start, huh?

The bag check before the terminals was pretty easy, except my little metal ruler came up sideways making it appear like a sharp object in my pencil case. That held me up for another 5 minutes but once it was clear that my ruler was harmless, I finally made my way to the Qantas Lounge.

Qantas Lounge, Sydney Domestic Airport

There were no window seats for me in the lounge unless I wanted to eat my delicious vegetable chowder and self-made mezze plate in a work cubicle – no thanks!

So I settled for a spot near the window seats so I could pounce on one given the chance.

When a couple finally left, I moved and lucky I did because that’s when I spotted the retroroo (VH-XZP) Qantas Boeing 737-838.

VH-XZP Qantas Boeing 737-838

Lucky I ate at the lounge because I was starving by the time I got to my place in Adelaide. Only refreshments were served on my SYD > ADL flight and this was a choice between cheese and biscuits or sweet crackers.

I opted for the sweet crackers onboard but then I made the rookie mistake of not checking if it was dairy free first. Boo to condensed milk!

Refreshments aboard my Qantas Sydney to Adelaide flight

When I got to my Airbnb, I quickly got unpacked and made my way to Westfield Marion to get a bite to eat and a bottle of wine for the night.

Dinner at New York Bar & Grill

Grill’d was the original dinner plan but I found the New York Bar & Grill with the eggplant parmy on the menu! It was labelled vegan and I wanted to have a casual beer with by parmy so I gave Grill’d a miss.

New York Bar & Grill, Marion Westfield interior

I sat on table #1 next to a bunch of kids who ended up screaming the place down during my meal. The mothers weren’t too bothered by it but I’m sure many of the other patrons didn’t appreciate the loud crying and screaming….

Eggplant Parmigiana at New York Bar and Grill

While nomming on my eggplant parmy, I noticed they had a gaming area and so I checked it out. I was kind of glad their pokies machines aren’t slow and weird like the ones in Perth! I didn’t bother trying my luck though because I felt a bit out of place.

Tired and full, I made a bee-line for Dan Murphy’s for a bottle of Yalumba’s Y Series Chardonnay before calling an uber again to get home.

I’m going to take my new metrocard out for a spin tomorrow morning and hopefully I’ll end up at a farmer’s market somewhere close. I really want to spend as little as I can on food unless I absolutely have to. I also really want to get a candle for this place tomorrow to make it feel more homely!

For now though, I must rest my eyes.

Good night!


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