CNY Lunar Lanterns Trail at Circular Quay

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Red glow on the Sydney Opera House for Chinese New Year 2017

It’s day 1 of FebFast 2017 and I aim to spend more time on my own this month so I can finally find that comfort in my own company that I’ve been wishing for in the past year. It really sucks when you realise how much time you have wasted on things and people who were never meant to be a part of your life in the long run.

Anyway, here are some photos from Saturday evening in Circular Quay after a lovely day at the beach and some grub at the Lunar New Year food markets hosted by The Star.

I’m genuinely #sorrynotsorry for not having any photos of the beach or the food markets but I’m getting a bit lazy with my writing but hopefully I’ll be more motivated as I try to make it a daily habit this month.

Darling Harbour skyline from Pyrmont Bay Ferry Wharf

This was the view from Pyrmont Bay Ferry Wharf facing King Street Wharf just after sundown. It was somewhat calming as the waves lulled the floating wharf beneath my feet, I wish I had enjoyed the experience more but I remember feeling upset about not having gone and spent this night alone.

Sydney Harbour Bridge at night

Charmed by the illuminated Sydney Harbour Bridge with a glowing red Opera House in the background, we made our way to Circular Quay from Pyrmont by ferry. I don’t think I’ve ever caught the Pyrmont Bay to CQ ferry, it was a new experience to me!

Speak No Evil - Monkey Chinese Zodiac in Circular Quay for Chinese New Year 2017

Here’s me being an idiot after being somewhat forced to pose in front of one of the monkeys from the monkey Lunar Lantern near the MCA. I didn’t know the sculptors who created these lanterns were Australian Chinese and each zodiac lantern was created with symbolism and its own story to tell.

The three wise monkeys who see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil were all facing a pencil lantern – which is mightier than the sword. You can find out more behind the Monkey Zodiac Lunar Lantern on the City of Sydney website – hopefully they don’t archive these pages once the festivities are over!

Ram Chinese Zodiac in Circular Quay for Chinese New Year 2017

The zodiac for those born in 1991, my birth year! Here’s what the City of Sydney website says about the Ram:

The Zodiac symbol of The Sheep can be characterised as:
Tasteful, warm and intuitive. The sensitive Sheep offers a quiet life of creativity and compassion

My friends seem to be pretty adamant that horoscopes and such are bullshit, but mine seem to be pretty accurate to me…

Horse Chinese Zodiac in Circular Quay for Chinese New Year 2017

The Horse Lunar Lantern was cool because the lights in the chariot wheels danced with the odd RNB tunes playing at Cruise Bar nearby. People could also get into the chariot and take photos standing in them but I didn’t because at that point my feet were dying from all the walking.

Westpac Fortune Wall in Circular Quay 2017

This was great branding on Westpac’s part. I’m actually considering changing to Westpac purely because of the red branding… but that would be a bit silly and I’m too lazy right now to switch all my financials to Westpac.

This was taken at the Fortune Wall which flashed messages at a slow enough speed for smartphone cameras to be able to capture each message with each click of the shutter. This was my favourite one of the 3 or 4 that I took because it’s a gentle reminder for me to put myself first this year instead of bottling up my opinions and emotions just because I’m afraid to hurt others.

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac in Circular Quay for Chinese New Year 2017

And finally, this was one of the many bunnies doing Tai Chi at Dawes Point. My favourite one of them all because they all looked so adorable in unison in this Tai Chi pose. You can just see the Sydney Opera House in the background because my iPhone camera sucks.

And finally the photo I’ve used as featured image is by far my favourite from the night. From the contrast of the auspicious red sails on the Sydney Opera House on the velvet black sky, to the bustling crowd in front of the House that you can’t see.

And that, was how I rang in the (Chinese) New Year on the 28th of January of 2017.

Today is the 1st day of February and I find myself feeling anxious every now and then throughout the day when I suddenly realise I’ll be another year older in a couple of weeks. Writing a blog always helped in the past and I neglected this opportunity for catharsis somewhere along the way but hopefully I can fix that by making it a habit to write again.

In the coming months, I hope for a lot of things – most of which have much to do with cleaning up this emotional mess that I am right now. And I will… one baby step at a time.

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