Kennedy Point Vineyard, Waiheke Island

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I asked several people about things to do when visiting Auckland and they all suggested doing a wine tour. So a half-day wine tour with Around Waiheke Tours was the first thing I booked via Groupon for our first day in the city of sails.

Having arrived the night before, we wanted to familiarise ourselves with the surroundings of our Airbnb before we set out on our half day wine tour. We also needed to line our stomachs before the wine tour so we wandered through the park near our Airbnb and settled down for some breakfast at Cornwall Park Cafe.

I settled for a toasted sandwich from the glass cabinet with seed and grain loaf, greens, sprouts, tomato, feta, roasted pumpkin, relish and crème fraîche. There were a couple of other vegetarian options but from memory, there were only one or two items that you could make vegan. I was still eating dairy products when I went on my trip, which is why I went for this vego sandwich!

roasted pumpkin toasted sandwich at cornwall park cafe

Seed and grain loaf, greens, sprouts, tomato, feta, roasted pumpkin, relish, crème fraîche toasted sandwich.

Then we made our way to the city to catch our ferry to Waiheke from the wharf in Wynyard Quarter. After a bit of waiting around, we were finally on our way!

auckland harbour bridge april 2017

en route to waiheke

Once we made it to Matiatia wharf, we quickly found John from Around Waiheke Tours and he did a quick roll call for those who were joining us on the afternoon session. There were some minor hiccups with the booking system that day which were dealt with pretty efficiently so we were on our way to our first winery for the afternoon pretty quickly.

around waiheke tours kennedy point winery

pohutukawa new zealand christmas tree kennedy point vineyard

After a 10-15 minute ride in the minibus, we arrived at Kennedy Point Vineyard which boasts to be the only certified organic vineyard on Waiheke Island. The vineyard was lined with pohutukawa trees (more commonly known as New Zealand Christmas trees) and offered a truly enchanting view over Kennedy Bay.

kennedy point winery wine tasting

After a brief but concise tour of the grounds, we were ushered to the cellar door where we sampled their very own organic olive and avocado oils.

kennedy point vineyard olive and avocado oils tasting

The braver ones of the bunch even tried this strange concept that was oysters in a shot glass full of rosé aptly titled Rosé Shooters. It wasn’t for me, but it’s pretty cool for them to have such a strange/quirky way of selling their rosé?! They also costed $5 NZD a pop so it was also a smart way to make some money.

rose shooters kennedy point vineyards waiheke island

A few people from our group made some purchases and then we hopped back onto the minibus for another ride through Waiheke Island’s rolling hills to Passage Rock, another winery on the island.

Around Waiheke Tours

around waiheke tours wine tour

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