Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2015 (Part. I)

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sculpture by the sea bondi 2015 - tamarama beach

We always plan to see the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition down near Bondi every year but we don’t always make it. I can’t even remember if we went last year?

Lucky Chris suggested it this morning and after we wriggled out of bed (with some level of difficulty) at 6:30AM, we quickly made our way there to avoid the crowd.

My apologies for how image-heavy this post is, I’m already splitting this little expedition into several posts! I didn’t want to compromise the quality of the photos just so I could cram them all here.

taegeun yang pig of fortune 2

TaeGeun Yang, pig of fortune 2

alwin reamillo bayabihan hopping spirit house - sculpture by the sea bondi 2015

Alwin Reamillo, bayabihan hopping spirit house

I daresay this was one of my favourite pieces. There’s always an installation every year that’s created with preloved or upcycled bits and bobs and it’s always interesting to get up close to see how one man’s ‘trash’ can be repurposed as part of a work of art.

alwin reamillo bayabihan hopping spirit house - sculpture by the sea bondi 2015

When I took this shot, I was captured by the beautiful yet somewhat sad chiming of the empty tins against plastic lids, sinkers, cups. It was like a sad song, almost like a eulogical song for earth’s slow, but sure deterioration. 🙁

sculpture by the sea bondi 2015 curtis hore shelf life

Curtis Hore, shelf life

sculpture by the sea 2015 marcus tatton dried arrangement

 Marcus Tatton, dried arrangement

These looked like crinkle cut hot chips from a far! And upon closer inspection… they still look like crinkle cut chips. It’s so impressive how the artist was able to carve the wood to look like floppy (crinkle-cut) Jenga blocks!

annette thas wave 2 sculpture by the sea bondi 2015

Annette Thas, wave 2

annette thas wave 2 sculpture by the sea bondi 2015

Annette Thas, wave 2

You know when something is so abstract that you want to know (or even have some of) what the artist was smoking the whole time they were working on their art? This just makes me question why Barbie? Why blonde dolls? Where did they get this many dolls? Why are they naked?

samantha small - stalemate  mk II - sculpture by the sea

Samantha Small, stalemate mk II

RCM Collective, the bottles - sculpture by the sea 2015

RCM Collective, the bottles

These bottles actually spray water! Though, there was a dude trying to fix the water channel beneath the sand so we didn’t really get to play with the spray.

norton flavel, dust - sculpture by the sea bondi 2015

Norton Flavel, dust

jeremy sheehan transmigration sculpture by the sea bondi 2015

Jeremy Sheehan, transmigration

This installation of birds atop Tamarama Beach was also produced from upcycled waste. Some of them were so intricate, I think they’d been a bit battered from the storms of late.

deidre mair and harry stitt , mirage - sculpture by the sea bondi 2015
Deidre Mair & Harry Stitt, mirage

This was super hard to capture because there was a lady doing yoga poses while her friend was just standing there taking a million photos for the yoga lady to choose from. They were both in activewear (cue that annoying activewear song) as most people are in that general area, and they didn’t have much regard for the people around them. It’d be funny to the photo in all its (possible) insta-famous glory.

Anyway, Chris has a birthday to get to in an hour so I’ll be on my own later. Might pop up to the pub and get a bevo for myself. Because, I’m that sad. Haha 🙂

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