Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2015 (Part. III)

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sculpture by the sea bondi 2015 - tamarama beach

Argh! I’m about a few months delayed on this last part of the photos I took at Sculpture by the sea in Bondi last year but here they are now. I wish I could upload these in their original formats without losing quality but at least these load quicker?

Anyway here’s the last of them!

seung hwan kim, meditation 2015

Seung-Hwan Kim, meditation 2015

pawel chlebek, i trust in you

Pawel Chlebek, i trust in you

zac benson, conspicuous consumption

Zac Benson, conspicuous consumption

kathleen berney minden jo lesz, 1953 (all shall be well)

Kathleen Berney, minden jo lesz, 1953 (all shall be well)

This one was a personal favourite, I’m not sure what exactly it was that made me go oh, wow… but perhaps it was that old-style slide with the iron bars which took me down memory lane to when I was 5 years old, back when we lived down in Mollymook. They don’t make play equipment like this anymore 🙁 Everything is plastic.

gillie schattner, flying fish

Gillie Schattner, flying fish

jorg plickat, divided planet

Jörg Plickat, divided planet

clayton thompson, space-time continuum

Clayton Thompson, space-time continuum

This was another one that I really liked! Perhaps it was the way the concentric ovals were layered so systematically, or maybe it was how the iridescent octagonal tiles glistened when the sunlight hit them at the right angles. I can imagine some sort of space mermaid swimming in one of these somewhere out of space?

william feuerman, outside-in

William Feuerman, outside-in

sandra pitkin, keep safe/keepsafe

Sandra Pitkin, keep safe/keepsafe

harrie fasher, boxed

Harrie Fasher, boxed

I really have to make an effort to go out more, especially to museums and the likes this year because it’s always nice to see the creations of one’s imagination and trying to decipher how they pieced it together without failing miserably (the way I would).

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